There’s a big chance that I’ll be sharing room with another girl next semester. Something I haven’t done in more than two years. And it already feels weird. Although I’m really accommodating and easy to live with, I have not really managed to have good experiences with most of my roommates from before.

My official ex-roommate and I never talked. She was one year my junior, and she never spoke! We would sit on tables that were stuck to each other and never talk. Only once, we had a conversation. When she was really scared for her exams. And we talked until 2 am. I had to tell her to go to sleep, and she still didn’t want to.  Next day, it was like someone gave her pills to induce amnesia. She didn’t even smile when she looked at me.

And now, it’s that time again. The only reason I am looking forward to it is that I want to measure how much I have grown up since then. It’s necessary, right? To be able to adjust, and tolerate, and have fun.

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2 Responses to Dilemma

  1. bRaT says:

    Wow, really? You just never spoke? I wonder how that’s possible…

    On the bright side… maybe this roommate will be an awesome amazing person… The whole world isn’t incompatible with you.. so I think it’s worth getting your hopes up…

    Oh, and thanks for the comment… :)

  2. noelia ~ says:

    pure curiosity xD but how did u find my blog? :D

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