Little, Big

Isn’t life so much simpler when you’re a kid. Someone asks you what you want to become in life and you have an instant answer. And you don’t feel shy in saying it, whether your answer is ‘newspaper boy’ or ‘rocket scientist’. The real thing happens when it’s actually time to become something.

if someone asks me today what I want to become after I graduate, I almost want to slap them. However, that not being the best thing to do, I eat up my ‘Mind-your-own-business’ and reply with a ‘uhmm I don’t know..maybe I ll just study more..”

Really, does adulthood take away your power to make desicions? Or does it make you so weak, that you cannot even stand up for things that are yours and yours alone to manipulate and handle. I always say that I don’t regret not being a kid anymore. But I regret having left that part of myself behind, the ignorant, considerate and free-of-worries part. When I see myself today, I see a self indulgent, cruel and worried girl. When I look around me, I see thousands like myself. Honestly, what is that precious that stops us from being happy to see each other anymore? Are we really adults when we stab each others in the back to get around certain things? (and all of us have done that, at some point or the other, we all know that we have) We see people but pretend not to have seen them, just because we don’t want to face them and talk to them. We are polite on the outside, but want to lash out our anger on people the moment we see them. And almost everyone hates it. But everyone does it.

It’s exciting to be an adult. To finally be ‘the generation’, to finally have expectations from yourself, to try to tell a right from a wrong and good from bad. I just wish smiles were tax-free again.

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6 Responses to Little, Big

  1. noelia ~ says:

    “I almost want to slap them”

    lol that’s so funny. and i know what you mean. it’s like i can’t say what i want to be when i “grow up” with security or pride, it’s more of a “umm.. accounting? yeah..”

  2. bRaT says:

    When I was young… I wanted to be a truck driver… It was a hell of an interesting profession… I would think “My father is a driver of airplanes, and I will be a driver of trucks…” :)

    Bah, yes, I’m sure everyone but for a few miss the age of innocence… I do almost everyday… but then again… “The grass is always greener…” Childhood friendships are very fickle… I would never be able to deal with fickle friendship…

    This was a really awesome entry… :) And congratulations… you are now a “Brat’s addiction” :) It IS a big deal okay?

  3. Gonecase says:

    Indeed ! Childhood was fun. You don’t have to wake up in the morning, cursing your manager, cursing your job whole day long and cursing your boring, routine life in the evening. Childhood is good and decisions are quick because they are spontaneous, you are not buried under responsibilties. I wish I could turn back time *sigh*

  4. Quarter Past Seven says:


    I so know what you mean!


    Oh wow! Thank you :) I will never forget this day :D


    There is something with you and time traveling. I can sense it (*grin*)

  5. Brat says:

    I think the difference lies in the “realism” factor. When you’re a kid, you don’t really think if a profession is realistically attainable, but as as adult, you do, which makes your answers non-committal (of course, this might also be induced by fear of failure, which again, is very normal)!

  6. Gonecase says:

    LOL…so you successfully linked it :D

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