Different, completely different

In my University, there’s always a clash between the Arts students and the Engineering students. While engineers believe that everyone thinks the same, the arts people refuse to believe it. I was one of those who used to believe in the same-thoughts philosophy. But 2 years and 4 Arts modules later, I have realized that Arts and Engineering students have completely different wavelengths.

We had a presentation for one of my arts modules, and we let my groupmate, who is from Arts do all the talking. That is because I could not understand a word of what he had written in the report. (Yes, we insisted that he write it, since he got an A+ for all his previous ones and we were REALLY greedy for grades). So, everything went well. And most people couldn’t understand his excellent, shakespeare-challenging english, so that kept us away from tormenting questions from the floor.

After the class, one of my friends congratulated me for coming up with something so nice. “Wow, you guys really did well. I lost you halfway, but that doesn’t matter. Man! I wish I had a vocabulary like yours!”, she said.

“Tch”, I replied “Dear, just like you, the longest word that I can use in a normal daily conversation, is ‘Microprocessor’.” She gave me an understanding look. And we walked to our next class.


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4 Responses to Different, completely different

  1. Brat says:

    It isn’t always about the words, it’s about how you use them! Your post reminds me of this funny incident, where someone known to me was using all kinds of big words just to prove that she knew them, but she was using them in the wrong context, making the whole situation very funny! Lol…..I think “wannabe” is the word I’m gonna use to describe her ;-)

  2. Gonecase says:

    LOL…this was a good one. Funny :P

  3. Quarter Past Seven says:

    hahah I can imagine!



  4. I’d rather use my vocabulary dictionary, which is not at all that great..and look half intelligent than be that girl brat is talking about who tries to use big words ..but uses them in the wrong way. And knowing me, i probably would use them in the wrong way. I just smile and nod, thats my way to look smart. haha.

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