Changing Lanes

I have successfully survived the most terrible of all weekends! This weekend goes down in my journal. I slogged, for two assessments today morning, I was made to dance until every muscle of my body ached, I packed up and left my old place to come to a new one.

Remember how a few weeks ago  I was concerned about moving in with a roommate. Well, turns out there was something different planned for me. Suddenly sometime last week I got a job which, instead of paying me in cash, gave me a room to stay. I was only too eager to take it, given the ever-rising rents over here. They told me that they needed me to move in asap which was a little unrealistic for me because a day only has 24 hours. I said an unsure yes. And then I saw the room.

It was fantastic! My then current room looked like a cupboard under the stairs compared to my now current room. Although this one was out-of-campus, and I knew absolutely nobody here, I was excited to move. Thus, the day produced a few extra hours miraculously and I was all set to go to my new place.

And so, right now this is the first constructive thing that I am doing since I unpacked in the afternoon. This is one of the best things that could ever have happened. I am no longer tempted to go down at 2 am to grab a bite, because nothing is open. I cannot barge into anyone’s room, no one barges into mine. I don’t smell the barbecue from the party happening in one of the pits. I don’t hear drunk people coming back at 4 am. And I don’t get distracted by just looking at people walking up and down.

You know what, I miss my old place, just this teensy bit.

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9 Responses to Changing Lanes

  1. Gonecase says:

    Hey, new job and new room, congrats :)

  2. Quarter Past Seven says:

    Thank you! =)

  3. bRaT says:

    Haha.. I’m sure you’ll get over it when you settle into your shiny new room…

    funny friggin picture there :)

  4. noelia ~ says:

    that’s awesome! i can’t wait until i move out xD

  5. Quarter Past Seven says:

    @bRaT: hahah thanks man!

    Oh Thanks! I hope you find a new place soon too! =)

  6. Jeff says:

    haha, drunk people coming in at 4am. I know exactly what you’re talking about. And I kinda missed it when I left my old place. The constant distractions I think is what I missed the most. But it’s better to leave

  7. bRaT says:

    haha.. i just noticed jeff’s blogs name on your blogroll… isn’t it supposed to be Empty Canvas? :)

  8. Quarter Past Seven says:

    @Jeff: Where is your blog?

    @ Brat : hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahh!! ROFL!!
    You won’t believe I am sitting alone in my room, laughing LOUDLY to myself! I guess I was missing school too much that day! hahahahahh oh man! I am going to let it be for a few days.. Until it stops cracking me up.. hahah

  9. Noelia says:

    his is at:

    he keeps changing it lol

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