And now, it’s your turn..But you are me, and I am you

A few years ago, when i was a school student living in a hostel with infinite number of rules, we used to really curse the administration. The strict rules that we had to follow, about study-time, curfew, lights out, visiting other rooms and especially interaction with the opposite sex really got on our nerves sometimes. We used to sneak out and come back way after curfew, with the late leave form signed by one of us claiming to be “Rajesh Khanna”, or “Sanjay Dutt” (Everyone knows Shahrukh khan, even in this country, so we could never sign his name). Study hour was a time for conference in our room, which was shared by four girls. the essential gossip of the whole day was discussed then, and more often than never, we would laugh and talk so loudly that our voices could be heard in the office, which led to the boarding mistress come to our room and give us warnings. In the one hour break where we could go down before lights out time, around 20 of us, girls and guys, would meet to talk, and joke and plan the next outing. This was really fun, although we never failed to get eyed suspiciously by the persons on duty. At that time, we used to think that the grown ups were really mean and had nothing exciting to do in their lives. The truth was, that we were just a bunch of angry teenagers, who thought they had the world at their feet and could do whatever they wanted to.

And now, the tables have turned. I find myself as being labeled ‘the mean one’, ‘the pain in the you-know-where’ and ‘the one could cannot rest without making some students miserable’. My duty night, i had to counsel and punish people for coming in late. I was reliving my school years and , in a way, realizing how much trouble we used to cause the office and the people who are incharge of 200 odd rooms, who personally make an effort to go down to each and every room to check whether everyone is safe and paying attention to studies. But of course, I also know that there is no way to make these students understand that the slightly stretched rules are to make sure that their school days are safe and their parents, who mostly live abroad don’t have to worry about them every moment.

In a way, I think these rules, and breaking some of these rules are important. They taught me a lot about being courageous, and sticking up for my friends when I needed to. Rules show you that there are people who are concerned about you. When you are late, they get worried. When you do something wrong, you are not unwatched and you do need to be watched, especially if you are still in high school. I am getting to see my school days again, by stepping into someone else’s shoes. It’s funny how something that is so wrong when you see it from one perspective, is absolutely correct, when seen from another. Oh, I feel like I am a different generation from people who are just 5 years younger to me!

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10 Responses to And now, it’s your turn..But you are me, and I am you

  1. Jeff says:

    you are a different generation from people 5 years younger than you. i have a younger brother who is 5 years apart. he’s always getting into trouble and actually does the same things i’ve done only a year ago. kids are doing things earlier but the mind still matures at the same rate. experiences at a younger are very different from those at an older age.

  2. bRaT says:

    Well, the thing is that not everyone will ever feel like you… it takes brains of sorts to see things from a different perspective… you may rest peacefully knowing that some of the students will always hate you for the rest of their lives.. :).. no.. sorry.. that came out wrong :)

    oh, and love the bart writing lines picture :)

    PS – I’m at the end of my thread here… where ARE you from?

  3. Quarter Past Seven says:

    @ Jeff : I see what you mean, I am 4 yrs apart from my youngest brother too. I find myself saying things like ‘when I was his age, we never blah blah blah’. It’s just that as maturity comes we start realizing the value of things better than before, which is why we can understand why we were told to do certain things in certain ways. but about being a generation apart..yes completely true.. a little scary, but true.

    @ Brat: hahah I am already coming to terms with it. Not only students, we will meet many people in our lives who will hate us, for no rhyme or reason, and it’s okay..Come on, it does take a lot to see things from another’s perspective.. actually, it is more difficult to own up to the fact that your own perspective might have been unreasonable before, don’t you think? ;)

    Where am I from? LOL.. you could have asked earlier.. I can’t believe I never mentioned in my posts..
    Okay, I am an Indian, born in Bihar, brought up in Delhi, and been living in Singapore for the longest time possible! hahah

  4. Noelia says:

    you’re from singapore? awesome lol i never would’ve guessed xD

    and yes, rules are for our own good (well, some of them). it’s when i start arguing w/ my brother because of something and he accidentally calls me “mom” that i realize how much i’ve learned from having to follow her rules lol

  5. rules are weird..though being the younger one i guess i have had it easier in my family. I mean my older sisters think so, arguing that they never got to do the things I’m doing at my age..but you know what? I STILL have to sit in the back of the , being 20 now and the youngest sister, and offer (we’ll i cant really say offer, but EXPECT) the older ones to get the front seat.

  6. Deepak says:

    Congrats on ur new room.

  7. hey is it okay if i add you as a blog i read? cause I do read it..but anyways , i’ll add you and if you refuse i’ll remove you!

  8. Quarter Past Seven says:

    Hahahah really? My brother keeps on telling me to NOT try to be our mom.. coz I’m still younger!

    True, actually. Being the eldest one, I get a lot of things that my younger siblings don’t. But then, I am supposed to be the understanding one and give them out of my share as well..

    Thank you =)

  9. Gonecase says:

    We all do what we are not allowed to do and then when we grow up, we agree to what we’ve been rebelling against. And trust me, it happens with every generation, its just that the age gap is reducing.

  10. Quarter Past Seven says:

    Well maybe it does.. But I still think realizing it after 20 years is better! :P

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