A Love-ly challenge

Maybe it’s the stress hormones because of exams, but everyone around me is falling in love. And what love it is! While trying to gulp down sociological concepts in the library the other day, I couldn’t help being distracted by the lovey-doveys sitting next to me, in front of me and everywhere else around me. So while my views on ethnocentrism are heavily splattered with the kisses that the girl sitting next to me received on her hair, cheeks, neck and where-nots, my take on Functionalist aspects of Racial Prejudice are convoluted with the too comforting back rubs that the guy sitting in front of me was enjoying. So I am only hoping that my sociology paper, which is going to be filled with flirtatious theories manages to catch my professor’s attention and  helps me get some marks on Monday.

I often find myself in situations where  I am thought less worldly-wise because I am not into mushy love. Honestly, I have no problems with people “expressing” love, however they want. It’s just not my thing. Pillow talk should be kept to pillows, that’s all.

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11 Responses to A Love-ly challenge

  1. Bharat says:

    Confuscious say: (or rather Prof. Bharat say): Your distractions are an excuse to be distracted… or something of that sort…

    You’re a little more liberal than me I guess.. I’d have slammed my books shut and walked away… I can’t stand PDA… I wish they’d just keep it where it belongs…

  2. againsttheegrain says:

    hehe, i liked this blog! pillows be kept to the bed! its funny that you mention the whole “season of people falling into love” cause its just the opposite on my end! in my circle of friends, people around me in general are falling out of love!!

    and PDA, i can stand in, to a limit, if its constant making out and in your face, it can be annoying, other wise, holding hands and the odd kiss, is okayy with me. : )

  3. Brat says:

    PDA’s not my kinda thing either, but I don’t mind people around me displaying it! What they wanna do is their prerogative, I guess! :-)

  4. Noelia says:

    the most I accept when it comes to PDA, the things I find reasonable/acceptable, are cute pecks/kisses. no making out, no grabbing.. anywhere andddddddd.. I dunno what else.. use your imagination hahaha

  5. Gonecase says:

    LOL….I have been into these kind of situations during my college life……..lord save the queen :P
    All the best for your exam and if already over, then results :)

  6. Jeff says:

    Some people don’t care and do it all the time but I hate them. It’s disgusting to me, like I don’t want to see his tongue in her mouth and vice versa.

  7. Hear hear! I only say this coz I have been single for so long and very cynical of men! Altho I could not imagine being “lovey dovey” in the library. There is certainly a time and a place!

    Can you tell I have been single a long time? :)

  8. Quarter Past Seven says:

    Oh I did slam my books and walk away once. But they didn’t even notice, or so it looked like. :( There is no answer to some things, I guess.

    Yes, exactly! a little bit is still okay..but not to the extent that it starts distracting everyone else around you..hahah

    Really? Try concentrating really hard on studies while hearing them by your side.

    hahah.. I completely agree with you

  9. Quarter Past Seven says:

    Thank you! I am done with all but one. I stopped going to the library, so Lord did save me, I guess.

    Yes! Completely!

    @Me,my secret blog and I:
    hahah..Yes there’s a time and place.. and I am guessing you are looking for a new one already!

  10. Bharat says:

    Now i know what you mean… f***’s sake there was this guy who was practically molesting his friggin girlfriend in front of me.. i mean, c’mon!! wayyy disgusting..

    anyway… um, when’s your next post coming out?!

  11. Quarter Past Seven says:

    hahaahah! Soon, soon! my exams finish tomorrow.. =)

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