Playing Tag

Although it’s fun to read when others write it, it’s a pain when you have to write things about yourself. I have been tagged by Akshay who, I can see had a lot of fun doing his.

These are the rules:

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you Akshay

2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours…

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged…

1) When I see dust indoors, I HAVE to clean it up. I can’t stand the sight of settled dust on table tops, books, shelves, anything. I just take a duster or a tissue and start cleaning. It doesn’t matter where I am. Because of this habit I am sometimes teased beyond belief! But I just can’t imagine anyone living with so much dust around them. The idea sickens me.

2) I am obsessed with odd numbers, prime numbers to be more precise. My alarm clock rings at 6:23 am everyday. I buy mints in 3 packs. I am always tempted to buy things which cost $**.23 or $**.47 etc.
3) I am addicted to milk tea. On a normal day I can have 6-7 cups without regret. Although I am trying to cut it down now, when I smell tea, I have to have a cup.

4) I am smitten with bollywood. I used to average 9 movies a week a couple of months back. Now I am tied down with work and can only manage about 3-4. A lot of people tell me I am very bollywood-ish in my daily, normal (or not normal) behavior as well. I have more than 10 GB of bollywood music on my computer. Ranging from those from the 40s until now. Although I can’t name all the music directors or producers or whatever a lot of people can. I just enjoy bollywood and that’s why I watch the movies.

5) I google everything. EVERYTHING. My friends used to call me “google queen” sometime back. I google anything that I am curious about. If there is nothing I am curious about at anytime I just pick up a random word and google it and then follow from there. That’s why if anyone needs anything from the internet, they approach me first, since I am most likely to have the link with me.

6) I am VERY organized when it comes to papers. I have different files for notes, bank stuff, phone bills, apartment things, projects, anything that you can think of. I colour code them too sometimes. If I can’t find a document that i am looking for, it is probably lost. You’ll find all my papers arranged according to date in the files. The ones which are not dated will be arranged according to the date that I printed/received/read them.

Yes, that’s me. Go ahead, call me an obsessive moron. But that’s what I am, and I can’t say I don’t like all that about myself. I am me. That’s it :)

I tag Bharat, Noelia, Jeff, GoneCase, AJ, Brat

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19 Responses to Playing Tag

  1. Akshay says:

    Google-Queen!!! thats hilarious!! great job done!!

  2. AJ says:

    tts an incredible post… thanks for tagging me… NOW i have to follow those “rules” huh?! :-S… :D this is gna take a while…

  3. Noelia says:

    i think the dust thing is funny lol dust doesn’t hurt me, so i just leave it there xD

    hmmmmmmmm as for MY 6 weird things… i’m gonna have to think about them.. and jeff just told me he wasn’t going to do it, so i might as well write some weird things about him in mine lol

  4. jane says:

    no dust n odd nos. n files n folders n googlin..ya suffer from OCD babeeee :)
    but then again, ya seeeeem soooo adowableeeee that ya’re the alter-ego of monica geller of friends!!!
    i’m teh exact opposite :) heeeee–> soo wud tat make me a morn or wud tat make me joey?? ;)

  5. shweta says:

    you know, it wasnt surprising reading any of those, even though i didnt KNOW any of your quirks, per se. You’re right, its very ‘you’.

  6. Quarter Past Seven says:

    @Akshay: Thanks! heheh

    @AJ: Yes, you better follow those rules..hourly report for you otherwise! :P

    @Noelia: Yes yes, please do that! but please try to talk him into doing it for himself too! bloggers must follow blog rules! :)

  7. Quarter Past Seven says:

    @Jane: Yes a lot of people tell me i am Monica-ish. But no, not thaaaat extreme. I just drive my roommates nuts. That is inevitable :O

    @Shweta: LOL Really? am I that obvious?

  8. Jeff says:

    Noooo! I’ve been tagged! Why are you so cruel? Noelia has yet to talk me into it.

  9. @ the google thing! Haha im kind of like that. But more so my friend, with Wiki. He’ll come online and educate me about the most random things, like the grass in Alabama or something. Though Im sure it’ll come in handy! You should like go on Jeporady. You never know what you might know from all your random researching!!!!!!!!! And I wish I had your organizational skills. I like to organize things, things that aren’t mine. Like I don’t mind organizing the freezer, or my desk when I used to work at the moms office, but my own shit, I don’t even want to touch!!

  10. Bharat says:

    *Fanfare*… your summons have been answered…

    Thanks for the tag, and I’ve put up my.. um.. quirks!! :) sorry, that word is just so upbeat… I must use exclamation marks with it all the time :P…

    and that odd number thing is indeed strange… I can never imagine anyone being that specific… (.23 specific?!) Oh well, read mine and tell me about it!

  11. AJ says:

    haha!!! u really HAVE gotten used to this fast huh?! :)
    hope ur having fun :)

  12. Quarter Past Seven says:


    it can be fun.. come on!


    Really? Actually I organize everyone’s things too if they are messy.. but I can’t stand to see dirt near me! anyway, I know you are tagged too.. looking forward to reading your’s! =)

  13. Quarter Past Seven says:


    Oh yes I laugh everytime I hear the word ‘quirks’!


    It’s my first weekend but I am not really doing anything.. Hopefully something tomorrow or tonight.. weekdays are more fun because my professor is sooo fun and I know some people who are around.. they are generally out on weekends =(

  14. AJ says:

    ohh!… aah! weekends must be lonely then?
    darn.. im sure life will pick up pace as it goes… :D… hope ur havn looads of fun :)

  15. Gonecase says:

    Hey, thanks for the honour and its good to know something more about a mysterious personality such as yours, hehehe….I’ve already done something similar some time back:

    Thanks once again :)

  16. omg….you sound like my mom and i m scared of her….she also has the this cleanliness obsession and organizomania…..
    p.s.- i m too lazy to even think of cleaning

  17. Brat says:

    Your tag is done, my friend! :-)

  18. Quarter Past Seven says:

    @GoneCase: Me? Mysterious? You must be kidding!

    @On knowing who u r: Hahahah You won’t believe but most people who know me tell me I sound like a “mom”

    @Brat: Well done! :D

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