…and you’re done!

So what have I been doing all this time that I have spent in hiding? Apart from some traveling adventures, a few non-traveling adventures, work and movies, nothing much..really. If you don’t count online shopping as an excuse for an activity, that is. Now, having never actually been much of a shopaholic in the past, the true reason for which being my perpetual broke situation, I would conveniently be apathetic to those who had trouble controlling their pockets. But gone are the days. And the only reason for that – book-shopping.

Amazon(dot)com’s sales must have quadrupled since I landed in America. Not being able to control myself at the thought of owning more and more cheap books has turned me into a maniac shopper at amazon. Not the best thing to do when you are in the US, people tell me. (Yes, whatever happened to all the partying that normal people do during vacations?) Well, it’s a part of growing up, I say. And return to the mad hunt for cheap stuff and blowing away money, courtesy, the golden MasterCard.

And while my shopping cart gets filled with books everyday, my debit card earns points for being used, and I gleam with joy every-time the delivery guys drops a huge parcel at my apartment, my bank account suffers, silently. And that is (obviously) because I am spending at a faster rate that I am earning. Also, because I am still poor and still almost broke. Having always been a wise-spender of money, this phenomenon is completely new to me. Worse is, I don’t know how to put an end to it! (Advice, anyone?)

Well, reading is the best addiction one can have, they say. I hope someone explains this to the check-in personnel at the airport when they see my over-weight luggage at the airport when I return with a bag full of my exploits.

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8 Responses to …and you’re done!

  1. Akshay says:

    I am so much a part of the plastic economy that I would hardly have any advice for you!! Toon is very funny!!

  2. Brat says:

    Ummm……perhaps a credit card would do better in such situations, than a debit card. At the very least, you can pay the bills later (and get yourself into deeper shit?)! ;-)

  3. peeves says:

    I get to borrow the books first. I’m already in line, ok?

  4. Bharat says:

    my god! US customs would probably have to impose heavy duties for you… the new threat to the United States… they’re stealing our books!

  5. Quarter Past Seven says:

    @Akshay: hahah thanks! I am so broke now!

    @Brat: I am not allowed to get a credit card here coz I have no credit history here! Life is complicated. hmph.

    @Peeves: Can, can!

    @Bharat: hahahah funny! I came with a lot of stuff! I mean two months! How can you carry less luggage?

  6. Noelia says:

    lol hmm one way to break the addiction is reading a really bad book! it’s like, you totally lose interest in reading after a while. lol

  7. jeff says:

    steal the books. easiest way to get out of your situation. then you can read them and sell ’em on amazon and actually get money for reading instead of losing it.

  8. shweta says:

    ‘…and you’re done'(blogging?!) hello! some of us are bored people with no life, be considerate and post!

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