My Conversations with Myself

In Singapore:

6:40 am on a Saturday morning: Aww.. what a beautiful morning.. go back to sleep.. 5 more minutes okay? mmuhhmm..aww.. thappad! Reality. Go work.


530 pm on a Saturday evening: wow! I am waking up NOW! awww..what a beautiful evening..go back to sleep..mmuhmm..aww..*sleep*


1130 pm on Friday evening: Wow. wonderful break from the week. we can still do some adda-baazi by the sea. what fun! yes, let me ask everyone.woohooo. thappad! reality. Who will wake up at 6 tomorrow?


5 am on a friday morning: Sheesh! We played cards the whole night? wow. okay 1 more game, just one more, I hope someone says it. ooh WOW!


11pm on a random day: waaah! meet people now? It’ll be fun! movie! lets go. lets go. lets go. thappad! reality. 3 term papers due tomorrow. get a grip.


2 am on a random day: What? accompany people to PRINT stuff? NOW? Okay..:)


Two and a half minutes late for a social gathering: Oh no. I am late. I am late. I hope everyone’s not already there waiting for me. No no, how can everyone already be there? it’ll be okay. no problem. thappad! reality. Of course everyone IS ALREADY there. Think of an excuse. quick.


Half an hour late for a gathering: Oh no. I am SO late. quick. think of an excuse. quick. quick. quick. oh no! wait. what is everyone saying? What? It doesn’t matter? Err.. I need to what? chill? WOW.


Weekend: Weekend? What weekend? Oh THAT? Don’t work? uhmm..well..maybe..thappad! oh yes. sorry.


Weekend: Weekend! yayyy! weekend! chill! yayyy!


Life’s about: Must finish work chop chop. FASTER, can or not? Alamak! Wah liao lah you! Don’t walk fast you never reach anywhere, understand? Must do work. Must do CCA. Must have rainy day back-up plans. Must take out time to catch up with friends over lunch or dinner. Must not become dull with work. Take photo! Take Photo! thappad! right. thanks.


Life’s about: work. chill. cheap pleasures. simple as that!

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7 Responses to My Conversations with Myself

  1. AJ says:

    damn… i want to get outta here…!
    *thapad* get back to work you lazy bum!

    hehe.. hope you’re having loads of fun. make the most of it, singapore’s still the same old ratrace…which reminds me of this random quote…

    “the thing about a ratrace is that at the end, you’re still a rat…”

    wow! im so inspired right now… bleh.. ignore the crap… im reaching the point where I just might have a “braincrash”….
    damn…. *thapad* yeah, rite… see you! :D

  2. Komal says:

    Dear AJ : CHILL LAH YOU!:D

  3. peeves says:

    sigh. must you remind us about the painful lives we have chosen for ourselves? :|

  4. AJ says:


    ooooo..i js came back frm a Daughtry concert and i have no1 to share the excitement with….yayyy… sry for spamming ur blog :D…

    :D:D:D it was goooooooooood…

    (*thapad*… back to work… *sigh*)

  5. Komal says:

    Hey Daughtry concert! :D

  6. Bharat says:

    thappad :D

    Amreeka makes you hella fun doesn’t it? :)

  7. AJ says:

    i just read my comments on this post (past comments…).. gosh i don’t know what i was thinking… please pardon the consequences of my super stresed mind… i need to chill… hmm..i can’t wait for this to end…

    come baaaackkkk…. lol… naa.. hav fun while you can :D tc

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