Week One: Fried Brain

After trying to get things back in order during week zero, I was looking forward to school starting asap. First week is always fun. Everyone is back from home, fresh and ready for the semester. The air is filled with the usual gossip about who lost weight and who didn’t, who went places and who chilled at home. Everyone has gotten their sleep, and everyone is talking about partying.

Everything is ‘the usual’. The usual people, the usual chaos, the usual lazyness and the usual excitement to see everyone again. The usual ‘catching up’ lunches and dinners, the usual who-changed-hair-style discussions. The usual happy faces. The usual freshmen and the usual seniors on the prowl for freshmen. Good days, sigh.

In the midst of ‘the usual’ things happening, I stagger into the lecture theatre with tired, sleep-deprived eyes. My friends think I need therapy. But when you wake up at 4am to work on a proposal, reach office at 9, go for a project briefing at 10, try to figure out the fourth groupmate for the 6 credit project course, get back for a meeting at 12, grab a quick bite at 1, rush to the post office at 2, fix up a dance rehearsal for 6 pm, and come back to office to a brand new email that says ‘meeting at 9 pm today’, there’s no way you can react. Because your brain is fried.

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5 Responses to Week One: Fried Brain

  1. Bharat says:

    Sigh, lucky you… you get to get bored by the same old faces over and over… :(

    Who meets at 9PM anyway?!

    Oh, and I’ve started writing a book type thing.. it’s at http://claustrumbook.blogspot.com.
    Let meh know what yeh think …

  2. peeves says:

    Yeah. ‘the usual’. including the food at science canteen. ;)

    And take a break Komal!

  3. Komal says:

    @Bharat: Crazy people meet at 9 pm. period.

    @Peeves: No breaks for me. Do remember to bring me flowers at IMH (stolen from your blog) at the end of the year.

  4. tina says:

    your brain is fried but your body keeps moving… the human being is an amazing thing, isn’t it? :P

  5. Komal says:

    oh yes!

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