On being a champion

You remember how when you were young and you could finish a math problem before everyone else in the class? You remember the feeling you got when the teacher gave you a star and a smiley face when you took your notebook to her? When the people who got it wrong came to you to ask how you managed to solve the question? When you explained your answer to them politely while thinking aye-haye-isko-to-itna-bhi-nahi-aata to yourself? When doing that small stupid addition problem made you feel like you had the world at your feet? Do you remember that feeling?

I had the same feeling again, today.

I hereby declare myself the champion of soldering.

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7 Responses to On being a champion

  1. Akshay says:

    wow…. congrats……. I hated school though…

  2. Bharat says:

    Aye Haye… Aapne yeh genius wala kaam kaise kiya? :)

    That was some of my textbook hindi, YEAH! This should totally get me popular…

    And congratulations :P

  3. peeves says:

    all Hail the solderer ;).

  4. tina says:

    haha! hurray for soldering :D i wish i were as good at it as you, i never got it right >.<

  5. Komal says:

    @Akshay: You hated school?!! wow I loved going to school!

    @Bharat: wah! Kya hindi boli hai! awesome :)

  6. Komal says:

    @AJ: :D

    @Peeves: oh yea.. come come, pull my leg on my own blog!

    @Tina: Thank you! :) and welcome to my blog!

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