All kinds of time

And it’s that time of the year again. 

I guess I will miss those walks back from dinner when I suddenly burst into some old bollywood number. AJ giggles and M and A join me in my “Ek ajnabee haseena se.. yun mulaakaat ho gayi…“. When V gives me the you’re-so-pathetic look but sings along anyway. And when A aka Malgudi quietly smiles and walks along. I guess I will miss listening to and being a part of pointless conversations during dinner time, laughing and making people laugh with silly stories about my life. Just because it’s not often that I meet people who are interested to listen to how we danced when our codes worked.

I guess I will miss being called ‘Komal-anna’ , called after a silly character from a silly bollywood movie. I will miss being picked on for my Mogambo-ish laugh. I will miss my weekly movie nights with Mr Patel and Sidarf. I will miss funny- early morning breakfast conversations with my dance partner, S. ‘Maria moments’.Making Al believe that computer engineering is cool. Angry burstouts. P’s funny comments and angry threats to people who don’t shut up when it’s time to study. Getting hooked on shows with H and T. D’s singaporean accent and Ad’s you’re-so-lame look.  

I will also miss emo-ing around with AJ in my room. I will miss talking to V about the joys of writing codes. Of course, nothing can make me forget quiet An’s sarcastic yet priceless comments. 

But most of all, I’ll miss the loud bursts of laughter that makes the “Indian table” at the dining hall stand apart from the rest in the dining hall. 

Saying goodbye sucks. But i guess it makes us sweat the small stuff like these, which by the way, do matter. Life is funny. No one knows where this whole bunch is going to be next year, this time. But hey, there will still be good memories to look back at and good times to look forward to. All the best, guys!


**Takhliaaa** :P


PS: Although the bhindi and paneer invitation is always open, it’s okay if you don’t want to risk it with my cooking skills. Just come.. I am not running out of stories to tell :)

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8 Responses to All kinds of time

  1. Brat says:

    That part of the year, when graduation is around the corner, and relocation arrangements need to be made? I was there a couple of months ago! Like everything else, all that will be left are memories. But whatever you get into next, it’ll be just as much fun, only a different kind of fun! ;-)

  2. AJ says:

    aww… :)
    we’re going to miss you too…

    and im not always emo? AM I?
    *sheesh* i need to snap outta it :D

  3. Anuj says:

    Wallao! Dont even know how to spell Takliya! How to do li tha?
    And you did not miss even a single person. WOW! Amazing. The best was Maria moments :)
    Everyone knows that we are gonna miss you ANYWAY (my gp teacher style), so there’s no point mentioning it here.
    Yeah, that’s all I had to say! But its an awesome entry :D

  4. Mohit says:

    Oi Anuj, she has spelt “takhliya” the right way! You don’t know how to spell your favorite word!
    We will miss you too, and the INDIAN table, which still cannot beat the Indo table on the “loudest table meter” ;)… I hope you are able to survive with “Ranisahiba”(convert to English) during the December holidays. :p
    I love his post- “AJ giggles” (I dunno why I can’t stop laughing abt that)/ I will miss your Mogambo-ish laughter and this enthusiasm, “lalalalala” attitude towards life which is so similar to mine yet infectious!

    Not for the last time- “Ek Ajnabee Haseena se, mulakaat ho gayi” :D And guess who is the haseena Komalee! YOU! :)

  5. Komal says:

    Brat: Yea I hope ‘next’ is fun :). I am not graduating, though. I was supposed to be the mentor of all these people in the picture, but we ended up being friends instead. Now, everyone else is going to new places.. so, a good luck post for them :)

  6. Komal says:

    Ankita: Nah, you’re not always emo. Anyway you’re the fun emo not the emo-emo.. so that’s good! :D

  7. Komal says:

    Anuj: oye, ullu! Like Mohit said, it’s spelled correctly! and that ‘ANYWAY’ sentence is SO YOU. I laughed so much when i read it..hahah

  8. Komal says:

    Mohit: The Indian Table never loses to anyone. ANYONE. hmphh. and you called me ‘haseena’. hahahahahah that’s awesome!

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