Lazy holidays.. and some other stuff..

I’ve been going through the blogger’s block recently. I have no one to blame, really. Since exams finished, i’ve done nothing much but miss my friends, watch movies, go for cycling trips, and plan about getting back to work.

I eventually did get back to my part-time. Thanks to my mother for knocking some sense into me and teaching me about ‘the real world’. Mostly, for reminding me that people need money to live. So yea. Back to work.

Although i must admit, my work now is not very interesting. I spent most of yesterday scanning paper, and so nothing exciting happened, except that the paper kept jamming the maching since i kept forgetting to take the staples off.

Of course, on the brighter side, while the stack of paper scanned itself, i got time to do soul searching, play senseless games on Facebook, read NewsWeek AND blog! Nah, i don’t hate my job at all.  

Which reminds me of what i was originally thinking when i started writing this post.  It so happens that i just made a ‘to-do-list’ for the holidays. (yes, i have a thing for lists) and that got me wondering. Well that, and an episode from Scrubs. How do you know whether THAT big step that you are taking in your life is the right one? How can you make sure that you won’t regret it two weeks later? Most importantly, how do  you know whether you will be able to “survive” it?

Like Elliot Reid, i also wish there was a test to tell you that. Where you could just enter your choice and it would tell you whether you are making the  right decision, buying the right dress or choosing the correct friends. I’ve taken a lot of huge steps this year, not knowing whether i will be able to pull through. Thinking back, i think i did manage to pull through most of them. Of course, i made my mistakes too. And as much i may wish for the otherwise,  i do realize that there is no way to go back and un-do my decisions.

There is, however, satisfaction in learning from from your mistakes. But really, what if there were no scope for another chance, another mistake or another decision? How are you supposed to know what the right thing to do is?

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3 Responses to Lazy holidays.. and some other stuff..

  1. Sahil Gupta says:

    You started making plans after the exams. I started making plans during exams itself as to what I should do. All the problems I have begin to surface during exams.
    Btw you should not worry too much about making the “right” decisions. I think near correct decision making skills have already been ingrained into you(thru religion, social norms,etc) so you will naturally be inclined to take meaningful decisions automatically.

  2. AJ says:

    Wow, this totally describes my state of mind right now… minus the scannng and all that. :)

    PS. I miss blogging :) Keep blogging…I love reading it!

  3. Ronak says:

    Well well,
    This is the case with most of the people around. According to me time will tell you whether this was right or not. For me I’m regretting the option which I took, and frankly there is no “another chance”.
    Survival is the key

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