Boarding Bonding

The boarding concert was yesterday. I really didn’t know our students were so talented. Everything, from the piano recital to the classic rock band was amazing. The students were so beaming with confidence, especially since the whole thing was put together by them and none of the staff members were involved with the organizing. Of course a few of the staff was there to oversee the whole thing, but the entire production was by the students.

I think it takes a lot of guts to perform on the stage if the audience is made up of your friends, classmates and mentors. But these guys really pulled it off well, they even supported each others performances by making surprise appearances in the middle of the performance with flowers. I think that was cute.

I missed the Indian gang from last year. There was no bollywood dance, no backstage drama. I missed the gore-gore track playing in my mind all the time. But this is life, I guess. Everything changes.

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