I do break down… when no one’s looking

Life is funny.. and tough. And we all have our rough days. Sigh, I think today is mine.

Tomorrow might be yours, but don’t worry. We all go through it sometime or the other.

And I love being brave, and funny, and goofy and *blur-blur-one*. Heroic and preachy and bollywood-y and drama. Sometimes all at the same time. I also love to wake up early in the morning and take a warm shower. I love being a part of many-many activities and being in control of my life. And I love having fun, meeting people and making everyone laugh. But wanna know a secret?

Life is tough for me too. And I am no Superwoman. I do break down..when no one’s looking.

If you have a rough day tomorrow, don’t worry. Go ahead and cry. I promise I won’t look.

Just know that I know. And that it’s okay.

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1 Response to I do break down… when no one’s looking

  1. Dang, I know how that is; bad days are as common as falling leaves in fall, but you’re right in saying we shall fear not, because we secretly are all superwomen and supermen, seduced by kryptonite more often than we need.

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