All you need is love.

I believe that people, inherently, are good. I believe that religions teach good things. I also believe that God is a personal choice. In the similar way as I believe that your perception of this world is a personal choice. If you want to look for good things, you will find good things. If you want to see evil, you will.

I don’t want to possess feelings of hate. Or contempt. I really do believe that one can achieve great things with love, passion and the will to bring good to this world. I also believe that the basis of any relationship is respect. And only if we respected other people’s cultures, values, traditions, points of view and time as we do our own, we could be happier.

Above all, I feel that if we all appreciate the little things in life and learn to love others, life would definitely be more fun.

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  1. Rohan says:

    Hey Komal,

    Very nice blog. Is there a simple way to ‘follow’ your posts. Maybe you could add a widget for lazy people like me to subscribe? :)


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