That’s the least one can do, really.

Sadly, there are too few of us who realize it. In the midst of SOPs, briefings, reports, debriefs, powerpoints, duty calls, programme booklets, ticket sales, costume purchase and food arrangements that we have forgotten that the person standing in front of us is human, with self respect. It is our duty to respect the person’s time and effort. It is our duty to respect that the person chooses to be happy or sad or stressed or nervous or collected.

I often find myself in fish-out-of-water situations. I don’t fit in. But I enjoy it. I enjoy the process of going through the stages of not being able to communicate to being heard. However, there are times when I regret being a part of a group, hoping to be accepted, to earn their respect. And now is one such time.  Earning respect is a tough task. Probably because giving respect to others doesnt come to people naturally anymore (anymore?).

There are certain things where I draw the line at tolerance. Disrespect has been topping the list for quite long. I live with the idea that everyone deserves respect. For whatever they are doing. Any relationship thrives on mutual respect.The day you stop respecting the other person is also the day that the other person loses respect for you.

What I do when I am disrespected? I take a graceful bow, and exit. From the person’s life. Really.

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3 Responses to R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

  1. peeves says:

    Doesn’t it hurt? To ease yourself out of their lives just like that?

    (this comes from someone who’s been on the other side and is very regretful of it)

  2. Guo Cheng says:

    I think that feeling is unavoidable. We just have to accept it. Each of us is a single entity, but sometimes when we work together for something, each us may only represent a title, function, or duty.

  3. AJ says:

    I could relate to this post quite a bit. :)

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