You know what the problem with facebook is? It connects you to everyone, even people you never ever want to be connected to. You go set all your privacy settings, put yourself off the radar and one fine day, you still see names you don’t want to see on the suggested friends.

You just wanted to have some break from work! So now, instead of feeling relaxed and calm, You feel the urgent need to whack someone in the face. GRRMPH!

I am currently unsearchable on facebook. No one except my friends can post on my wall, or see my wall! The access to my photos, videos et cetera is only open to selected friends. I don’t know a higher level of boundary keeping on the website. And I’ve enabled all these settings just to keep my world separate from people I don’t want to cross paths with. But of course, facebook has to suggest them as my friends because we know a few people in common. I don’t want friend suggestions!

Right now, if I can find a way to disable friend suggestions on facebook, it will make my day.

Whacking someone in the face might work too.

Yea yea, deep breathing, calm down blah blah. I know all that.

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