Freedom Writers

I am currently reading “The Freedom Writers Diary”. The book has really touched my heart. Not because of its content, not because of the issues raised in the book. I love it because all those 150 kids took a stand. It takes guts to stand up and tell the world your opinion, your side of the story. Some of those stories were unreal for me. I could not believe that could happen to someone. And yet, I somehow felt proud that the person who wrote it gathered enough courage to accept it and tell the world her story.

It really is war. Someone being evicted from their house because they can’t afford rent. Someone being killed for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone in an abusive relationship. Someone who never felt any gesture of love from their family.

It takes time for us to realize that some of these things happen to people around us. We go about our lives not wondering what life the person sitting next to us on the train might be having. I often wish we had a way to know. But we can’t. But I know one thing we can do. Be tolerant.

Don’t you ever wish people around you were nicer to each other and treat each other with respect? I do. Every single day.

Can we do one thing? Can we be nice to just one person every day? Just one stranger. Just one smile? Because you never know what their story is.

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3 Responses to Freedom Writers

  1. Hi :)

    Just found you through the A-Z Challengers list.

    I’ve seen the Freedom Writers film and thought it was excellent!!!! I bought the book but haven’t read it yet…..thanks for the reminder, I will dig it out tonight :)


  2. I LOVED this post, and now I am inspired to read that book after I get myself through the one I’m currently reading.

    Yes, I so agree. In our present national (economic/political) climate I definitely agree. We can be so quick to take offense and so quick to cause offense and forget to look at that person as a human being. I wish we could practice respectful disagreement more. I wish that was the world my children could see.

    I enjoyed your post!

    Wendy @

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