We are all changing

I am slowly making my way through White Noise (Don Dellilo). For an award winning novel, it is amazingly slow. Or maybe my patience and passion are both slowly dying. Anyway, I am still determined to finish the book so I am dividing my time between White Noise and my latest copy of Newsweek (which surprisingly is really thin in this issue).

I was browsing through facebook yesterday when I came across some photos of people I was friends with some/long time ago. It was surprising to see that most of them are not in their initial cliques anymore. This made me think about the consistance of change in everyone’s life. How does everyone handle it? Do they even realize that change is happening? Do they just go with the flow and have no feelings about it? Are they happy to embrace it? Are they scared and cry under the covers every night? Will I ever know the answer to all these questions? I guess not.

I think of myself as forever-ready for a change. Yes I am. But I am also scared. I tread into unknown waters slowly. Not because I am scared of unfamiliar spaces but because I am hesitant to let go of the part of me that might change in the experience. Looking back, I realize that every time I embraced changes, it always turned me into something stronger and better. Not necessarily in everyone’s perspective. But that doesn’t matter. I realize that change is good and people do matter. But nothing matters as much as our own thoughts and our own relections. Things happen for a reason. Life takes twists and turns and we are all thrown off by the surprises. But as long as we think we are better than what we were yesterday. It’s all good.

No regrets :)

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